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Disir are a race of tribal creatures that are most common in the underground realms of Taladas, but are also known to dwell in underground areas in Ansalon as well, notably in both the Vingaard Mountains and the Khalkist Mountains. On Taladas, the disir are in particularly large numbers in the Rainward Isles, and are the sworn enemy of the Rainwarders. They generally attack the Rainwarders once a thick fog settles in, to cover their tracks whilst launching an assault.

Disir hatch from eggs as small larva, developing into male disir and within ten years are fully grown adults. Half of the adult males will then transition into female disir and become either breeders or Disir Queens. Most disir live for 30 years, whilst Disir Queens commonly live up to 60 years.

SubtypeTyin, Disir Queen
LandsAny underground realm

Normal disir (also known as True Disir) are roughly the same of an adult Human, and have rubbery green flesh that is greenish-white in coloring. Portions of their bodies are covered in chitinous shell, whilst other parts of their bodies seep green jelly. Disir stand hunched over, with long arms that end in terribly sharp claws, held aloft like a preying mantis. Disir have insect-like heads, with a lengthened lower jaw that bears tusks and a long tongue. Most disir stand at six to seven feet tall, weigh around 200 pounds, and are particularly sensitive to sunlight. Disir are organised into tribes, and each tribe is led by a Disir Queen. They are considered the favorites of Morgion and count a number of clerics amongst their number, which are normally always disir males.

True Disir speak their own language of Dis, as well as Common, Dwarven Language, Goblin Language and Ogre Language.


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