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Hyo-khal is a small harbor that is tucked away in a secluded cove amidst the rocky coastline of Old Aurim. The harbor was maintained by the Rainwarders, as a foothold on the mainland of Taladas. The village of Hyo-khal was ringed by a wooden palisade and had minor defenses in the form of a stake-lined ditch. Hyo-khal was home to both Humans and Dwarves, and had a fully functional series of docks.

Settlement TypeVillage
CountryOld Aurim

However the meagre defenses of Hyo-khal were no match for the Hobgoblin army of Maladar an-Desh that rampaged through in 425 AC. The forces put the residents of Hyo-khal to the sword and destroyed the village.


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