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Sha Moku

Article written by Uziel

Sha Moku was a wealthy city in the great Aurim Empire of Taladas. The city was known as the Wine City, given it had extensive vineyards and the greatest known winemakers in the empire. Sha Moku was ruled by a council of nine men and women, who were the premiere winemakers of the city. The council of nine deferred to the Emperor of Aurim on all matters of state.

CitySha Moku
NicknameThe Wine City
Settlement TypeCity
CountryAurim Empire
LeaderThe Council of Nine

Sculptured gardens were spread amongst the scarlet towers of Sha Moku, and there was also an extensive slave trade in the city. The folk of Sha Moku predominantly spoke Kurfan, however a few more cultured people also spoke Aurish. Sha Moku was destroyed during the Great Destruction, and the ruins were later inhabited by Hobgoblins as they migrated into Old Aurim.

Buildings of Sha Moku

Temple of Bran
Temple of Morgash


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