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Roshambur (? AC - 425 AC) was the vizier, counsellor and friend, of Nakhil, King of Suluk. He was highly skilled in magic, and on numerous occasions combined both his and Shedara's power to perform feats impossible for a single spellcaster.

His stature was tall in comparison to his Dwarven posture and race, and he reached the height of Shedara's shoulder. His beard was long and graceful, it's gold color forked in braids with silver rings. He spoke with a very thick Suluki accent.

Birth? AC
Death425 AC
RaceFianawar Dwarf
Hair ColorGolden
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationVizier to the King of Suluk

Roshambur met his death crossing the Shining Lands with Shedara, Hult, Essana Forlo, Azar Forlo, and Nakhil to find the Glass Sailors. During the passage he was struck down by a glass shard, which embedded in his chest and killed him.


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