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Nakhil (? AC - 425 AC) was the King of Suluk, one of the kingdoms on the Rainward Isles, beyond the Storm Sea of Taladas. Nakhil was a male centaur, whose lower half was that of a chestnut stallion. The centaur had a low booming voice, and was sometimes gruff but more often joyful by nature. Shedara, Essana Forlo, Hult, and Azar Forlo had come to warn the Isles and Suluk's king of the upcoming danger of Maladar's Hobgoblin army.

AliasNakhil the Shrewd
Birth? AC
Death425 AC
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationKing of Suluk

Nakhil fought against the hordes savagely, but was driven back with Essana, Azar and Roshambur, separating them from Shedara and Hult. Meanwhile, Maladar had sent a wall of flame to engulf the whole of Suluk, but Azar, with mysterious magic from core of his soul, used a mighty sending spell to save them from danger. Suluk was then utterly destroyed under the barrage, and Nakhil was king no more, his land burnt to the last tree.

After this, the company, now with Roshambur and Nakhil, joined forces to find Maladar and stop him before it was too late, and attempted to free Barreth Forlo from imprisonment. With the help of Shedara and Roshambur's magic, they crossed the water to the Pillars of Bilo, where the Minoi gnomes were rumored to live, and were the only ones who had ships that could trek the relentless fire of Hitehkel.

After falling in the middle of the crossing, they were saved by the Glass Sailors, who could not save Roshambur from dying from a shard of glass impaled in his chest. Nakhil stayed to his cabin for three days, grieving terribly. Roshambur was the only tie to Suluk for him, and his utmost best friend. Nakhil met his death defending Shedara from approaching Kheten Voi, Maladar's army of stone, with a sword lodged in his chest. His last words were, in response to Shedara's: ''You'll be remembered. We'll tell them, back in the Rainwards. They will build a memorial to you.''

To which Nakhil said:
''A statue, I hope. It would be ironic'.


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