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Shai (583 PC - ? PC) was a male Uigan that was the son of the Boyla and was captured along with his father and brothers by Maladar an-Desh, emperor of Aurim in 579 PC. Whilst his father and brothers had been tortured and killed, Shai was made Maladar's cupbearer and servant as a means of amusement for the emperor, as well as keeping the boy hostage to keep the Uigan at bay.

Birth583 PC
Death? PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationCupbearer for the Emperor of Aurim
SiblingsSeveral brothers

The young boy was deeply tanned, had a shaven head and a singular braid, as was the style of his people. In 575 PC, he witnessed the demise of the Seven Swords when they confronted his master Maladar. Shai poisoned the Chakani Green wine that Maladar asked for, and watched his hated foe die a quick death. Shai then walked out of the palace and did not look back.


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