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Azar Forlo

Article written by Uziel

Azar Forlo (424 AC - 425 AC) was a male Human that was the son of Barreth Forlo and Essana Forlo. Azar was named after Azar ket-Turang, one of the Faceless Brethren, who was in truth a spy for the Rainward Kings who attempted to free Essana when she was captured by the Brethren. During her captivity, Essana gave birth to Azar, who was then magically aged into a young man, only weeks after he was born.

NameAzar Forlo
AliasThe Taker
Birth424 AC
Death425 AC
NationalityImperial League
Hair ColorReddish-Black
Eye ColorBlue-Hazel

The young man was inducted into the Faceless Brethren by The Master, and was given the title of The Taker. He was groomed to be the body which the spirit of Maladar an-Desh would inhabit when he was reborn into the world. Azar was brainwashed into sacrificing his mother on an altar to complete the ritual that would release Maladar, but was interrupted by his father before he could strike his mother. Azar then stabbed Barreth in the back, and the spirit of Maladar ended up going into Barreth instead. After realising what he had done, Azar tried to make up for his sins, leaving the Temple of Akh-tazi with his mother Essana and his father's companions Shedara and Hult in an effort to rescue Barreth.

After leaving Neron and travelling through Old Aurim, Azar learnt that the source of his magical powers was Maladar, through some bizarre twist of fate. He found that he was linked through magic to Maladar and his father, and his hand was burnt at the same time that Maladar (in Barreth's body) plunged his hand into some magma. Azar also found that he was aging rapidly whenever he used his magic and closely resembled his father Barreth after a few short weeks.

In the tower of Chaldar in Hitehkel, Azar faced off against Maladar (still in his father's body) with his companions, Shedara and Hult. Continuing to use magic, Azar now resembled an old man and when it was evident that Maladar wanted Azar's body so he could regain his magic, Azar drove a scimitar into his own throat to thwart Maladar. With Maladar defeated, the dying Azar used the last of his magic to transport his father, Shedara and Hult to safety.


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