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Gloomwing (? PC - 424 AC) was a male Black Dragon that was a servant of the Faceless Brethren and a nestmate of Whispershade. His true name was Sashekul, and he was known to be powerful, yet not the most intelligent of dragons.

Gloomwing by Munin Raven.
EnlargeGloomwing by Munin Raven.
Birth? PC
Death424 AC
RaceBlack Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

In the Age of Despair, Gloomwing was one of many dragons summoned by the Dark Queen to participate in the War of the Lance, however he refused the call and like many of his kind on Taladas, he was cursed as an Othlorx. The black dragon took residence near the Marak Valleys, where he pretended to befriend the Marakai and hunted down Hobgoblins for pleasure. He was a true ally of the Faceless Brethren, and led The Teacher to the Marakai and brought about the doom of many kender.

With his nestmate Whispershade, Gloomwing flew to Coldhope Keep in 424 AC to recover the Hooded One and also kidnapped Essana Forlo, bringing both back to the Temple of Akh-tazi. Later in the same year, he ambushed Barreth Forlo and his companions in the jungles of Neron, but was in turn ambushed by a war party of Cha'asii elves. He was mortally wounded with poison darts and arrows, and then beheaded when he crashed to the ground by the elves.

His head was cut off and taken back to the village of Ke-cha-yet as a trophy.


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