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Order of Clerists

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The Order of Clerists is a sub-order of the Order of the Sword. The order focuses on spiritual worship of Kiri-Jolith and representing his ideals and tenants. The Order of Clerists is led by the High Clerist who by the Measure must be of this order to hold the position.


Most Clerists disappeared during the Cataclysm with the other true Clerics of the Gods.

Post Cataclysm

There were no Clerists during this time and also no High Clerist.

Post War of the Lance

After the War of the Lance and the return of the gods, the order was reestablished. In 358 AC, the first High Clerist since the Cataclysm was elected.

Post Chaos War

After the Chaos War, once again the gods were gone. The Grand Master and the High Knights were discussing disbanding the order again, but Lady Crysania convinced the Grand Master and High Clerist to start sending knights to the Citadel of Light to learn Mysticism. The Order of Clerists then adapted to the new Magic.

Post War of Souls

After the gods returned again the High Clerist Gabriel Jhent declared that all Clerists had to leave behind mysticism and focus again on Kiri-Jolith. Some also became devout to the knights' new patron Shinare.


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