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Ukamiak (? PC - 424 AC) was a male Silver Dragon that was a scholar of dragonkind, and knew the name of every single dragon alive on the world of Krynn. He was nicknamed the Wyrm-Namer, and considered by many to be a myth. Prior to the Great Destruction he was often sought after for his wisdom, but following the devastation that the land suffered during the sundering of the Aurim Empire, he was forgotten as a relic of the past.

Birth? PC
Death424 AC
RaceSilver Dragon
Eye Color
Length50 ft

Prior to the Great Destruction, Ukamiak was a proud dragon that led his fellow dragons in a war against the Amaguik of the Panak Desert. The dragons slaughtered the spirit-wolves and claimed the realm as their own. Ukamiak built his lair in the Hoarspines and was revered as a god by the local Sakalaminuik.

By 424 AC, he was sickly and dying, his scales having turned from silver to a tarnished green, his eyes milky with cataracts, and his muscles wasted away from disease. The mighty Ukamiak told Barreth Forlo that the scale he bore belonged to the dragon Gloomwing, and also of where the foul beast could be found. The mighty silver passed away moments after speaking to Barreth, passing into the afterlife.


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