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Shadow-Fiends are diminutive and dark creatures that are vicious and quick to attack anything their masters set them onto. The shadowy creatures are exceedingly fast, and are armed with two sickles which they use with deadly accuracy. When they strike a foe, the flesh of the victim turns black and freezes, and no blood issues forth from any wound they create. A shadow-fiend doesn't bleed either, but leaks black smoke when wounded, and disappears in a puff of smoke when it is destroyed.

RelationsMarak Kender
LandsMarak Valleys, Armach-nesti

Up close, shadow-fiends have gray shriveled flesh that is stretched paper thin over their wiry frames, and a gaunt face with two black eyes. The shadow-fiends were originally Marak Kender that were turned into these dark monsters by a foul ritual of The Teacher, one of the Faceless Brethren. The converted shadow-fiends became the servants of the Faceless Brethren. With the annihilation of the Faceless Brethren, it is unknown what has since become of the shadow-fiends.


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