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School of the Games

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The School of the Games was an arena in the Lordcity of Istar. The large octagon building was located in the southwestern part of the city. The building was a hundred yards across and had curved walls that stood hundreds of feet tall with statues of legendary gladiators on them. There were five towers around the edges of the arena. The towers would fly the banners and colors of the prominent fighters of the day. The towers also housed some quarters and offices.

The floor of the arena was once just sand but towards the end of the Age of Might it was made much more elaborate. It became four platforms that were separated by the Death Pits. The northern pit had machinery in it forming whirling blades and the like. The western pit had boiling oil in it. The eastern pit had hot coals and the southern pit had flames. The center of the arena was the Freedom Spire. Below the floor held the quarters for the gladiators. Also, the storage rooms for weapons and dungeons were below.

History of the School of the Games

The School of the Games was constructed before the time of the Kingpriests. In 140 PC, Giusecchio banned slavery. After this the School was used for large epics including filling it with water to recreate a battle against Minotaurs.

In 15 PC, Beldinas Pilofiro reinstated slavery in the empire. A former gladiator named Arack Rockbreaker then asked Beldinas to reopen the arena but with the twist that none of the fights would be real. The gladiators would use collapsible swords and bladders of blood to simulate the real fights. Beldinas agreed and Arack became the Master of the Games. While the fights were for the most part fake, some were real brought on by rivalries between the gladiators or their noble sponsors. When this happens it was kept secret and the deceased gladiator was celebrated as a hero and stated that the gladiator retired.

Sections of the School of the Games

Death Pits
Freedom Spire
Gladiators' Sleeping Cells
Mess Room
Training Room
The Sands

Other Names

The School of the Games was also called the School of Games, Istaran Arena, the Arena of the Games, and simply just The School.

Kender Tales

One source said that the School was in the eastern quarter of the city, but that is an error. An older source stated that the real games in the School were stopped in 11 PC. That this was brought on by elven Clerics convincing the Kingpriest to stop the practice. Other sources have stated that the real fights stopped when slavery was banned.


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