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The Uitayuik are undead creatures that roam the frozen wastes of the Panak Desert, preying on anything they come across. These particular undead cannot be harmed by normal weapons, and can only be struck down with spells or magical weapons. They are rumored to be the arisen bodies of those who have fallen prey to the elements in Panak, and have not been properly buried and put to rest.

LandsPanak Desert

The Uitayuik are filled with sorrow and hatred of the living, and will often hunt the living through the wind and snow. The Ice People use the Ningasuk to placate the Uitayuik and keep them at bay. The undead have glowing white eyes, blackened bodies dressed in furs, they are missing ears and noses, and have large fangs protruding from their mouths. They also have clawed hands which can easily rip a man's arm off. The hateful Uitayuik will consume their victims, and often hang grisly trophies from nearby Ningasuk to torment the companions of their victims.


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