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Ice People

Article written by Uziel

The Ice People are the Humans that live in the frozen reaches of the Panak Desert. They are split into various clans and tribes, but are commonly all united as Ice People. They do not fight amongst the tribes and clans, but are united against the elements and outsiders.

The Dread Winter and the Godless Night were hard on the tribes of the Ice People, as the change in elements wiped out entire clans, whilst others were forced to join with other clans for survival. The Ice People revere the magic-wielding Makau that lead most of their tribes, and rely on them to protect against many of their enemies. They are the ancient enemies of the Sakalaminuik, as well as of the Thanoi. The Ice People are generally open and friendly to travellers that prove they mean no harm.

The semi-nomadic Ice People migrate between the southern lands of the Panak Desert during the summer, where they dwell in their Ho-tii, and the northern lands of the Panak Desert in seal-skin tents. They hunt seals, walruses, whales and bears at this time, and keep herds of Nasif for their wool. For transport, the Ice People have developed snowshoes, as well as nasif-drawn sledges. Those clans that live along the coastline, travel in canoes.

The People

The Ice People are generally tall and well built, with a thick layer of fat over their bodies to keep them warm in the frigid conditions. They have flattened faces, tiny eyes and pug shaped noses, and ears with small lobes. Most Ice People have black hair, and the males generally all grow short black beards. The clothing of the Ice People is all made from furs and hides, chiefly of nasif wool, and pants of seal-skin. The primary weapon of the Ice People are spears, since they are mainly hunters and not warlike, although they also rely on axes.

They were once ruled by shamans who wielded divine magic, but with the loss of the gods following the Great Destruction, the panicked Ice People turned on the shamans, blaming them for the loss of the gods. The shamans were driven out or killed, and the makau, who wielded arcane magic, stepped in to fill the void. The makau, who were once just advisors, became the leaders of the clans in the aftermath, and lead most of the existing clans today.

Clans of the Ice People

Elk Tribe
Fox Tribe
Orca Tribe
Spirit Wolf Clan


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