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The horax is a medium sized insectoid creature that has a hard chitinous segmented shell that is either bluish-black or gray in color. They normally have twelve legs, beady eyes and a mottled yellow-green underbelly. The average horax is six foot in length, but they can grow beyond ten feet in length. Powerful mandibles are set along their lower jaw, which the horax uses to bite their victim once they have a hold on them.

ColoringBlue-black or Gray
RelationsGiant Centipede
LandsUnderground lairs in Taladas and Ansalon

Living in subterranean lairs, the horax will attack anything it sees, normally trying to grab a victim with their legs and then biting them. They have an amazing ability to climb, and can often drop from the ceilings of tunnels onto unsuspecting victims. Horaxes are spread through Taladas, are known as the hurajai by the Uigan, and are also in certain underground parts of Ansalon too. They tend to prey on the underground realms of the Dwarves, and do most of their hunting at night.

On extremely rare occasions, through either magical experimentation or freakish genetic mutation, a horax will grow to monstrous size, to around sixty feet in length or more. Known as earthshaker horaxes, these monsters mainly dwell in the deepest underground reaches of Taladas, but one has been known to live in the depths of Thoradin in Ansalon.


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