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Theo Drawde

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Lindsay Archer

Theo Drawde (? AC – 422 AC?) was the Lord of the Thorn for the Knights of the Thorn for an unknown number of years. He had brown eyes, trimmed black beard, and stood six feet and six inches tall. He had great physical strength, a commanding figure, and clarity of wit. He owned a magical Longsword named Coruscantrix.

Theo Drawde by Lindsay Archer.
Theo Drawde by Lindsay Archer.
NameTheo Drawde
Birth? AC
Death422 AC?
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationLord of the Thorn

While still a young boy, Drawde was an orphan during the Dragon Purge. He grew to despise Dragons. He then joined the Dark Knights first as a Knight of the Lily, but then switched to train as a Thorn Knight. He switched Orders since the Shadow Sorcerer taught him Sorcery, and he then introduced sorcery to the Knighthood. For achieving this, Mirielle Abrena promoted Drawde to the rank of Lord of the Thorn.

After the War of Souls, Drawde went against his better judgment, and created an alliance with Frost in order for the Dark Knights to gain dominance of Magic on Ansalon. Drawde joined the Whitescale Society, and he would volunteer to head up searches for magical sources for the great white, and secured his own power base and followers during this time. Mordecai Volger and Portia Gant were two Dark Knight officers under Drawde that he trusted completely. He later added a hill dwarf named Therol Stonesplitter, but never fully trusted him and rightfully so, since Therol was a Legionnaire spy.

They would eventually go to the Bastion, and his goal was to find a Dragon Orb that was attuned to summoning Metallic Dragons. A group of adventurers and Legionnaires thwarted him when he attempted to seize the dragon skull there. Since Drawde was not attuned to the Bastion, he was pushed out through the Bastion's wall and into the Gray. It is unknown if he survived his plummet in the Gray.


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