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Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Vision, also the Vision of Neraka, is a statement of the ultimate goal of the knighthood: total domination of Ansalon in Takhisis' name for One World Order. Originally Takhisis would grant her Knights their own personal Vision through the Knights of the Skull. This would show each Knight how they fit into Takhisis' plan, and their place in the Dark Knighthood.

The vision left the Knighthood after the Chaos War, but the Skulls Knights were able to create the False Vision in 398 AC. This new Vision would be used faithfully until agents of the Legion of Steel exposed it to be false. Even after the end of the War of Souls, and the true loss of their Dark Queen, Skull Knights continued to use the False Vision saying "it epitomized the ideal of independence without interference from divine power." This ended what is considered the "True Vision" that was given to the Dark Knights prior to the Chaos War. Most Dark Knights no longer receive the Vision.


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