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Lords of Doom

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Lords of Doom, also called the Three Smoking Mountains by the Kagonesti Elves or Mountains of Doom, are three active volcanoes in the Khalkist Mountains that surround the city of Sanction and Sanction Vale. They are named Mount Grishnor, Mount Thunderhorn, and Mount Ashkir, and each has lava that runs from them constantly to the city of Sanction. For many years this lava ran through the city and out into Sanction Bay, but after Lord Bight controlled them, their rivers of lava run around the city. The volcanoes were also where the Metallic Dragons kept many of their eggs, before the Dark Queen's forces used them for the War of the Lance to create Draconians.

Kender Tale

Tears of the Night Sky states that they ring Neraka, but this is false.


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