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Darklady Mountain

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Darklady Mountain was a massive volcano in the Khalkist Mountains that rose up in honor of the Dark Queen sometime prior to 5000 PC. It was the greatest of volcanoes in the Khalkists, and had a conical summit.

In it, Takhisis had a massive gate in the caldera that led to the Abyss, and the Sons of Takhisis had a pathway to and from Krynn. When the second generation of Chromatic Dragons was born, they used this gate to enter Krynn also.

During a ceremony in 2710 PC, Crematia sacrificed her wisest Bakali shamans by throwing them into Darklady. She also cast the Dragons Stones into the volcano, which housed the spirits of chromatic dragons. Takhisis then reached into Krynn and destroyed the stones. The resulting explosion released the spirits, and in turn destroyed Darklady. A swath of destruction spread for a hundred miles around. In all this destruction of the landscape, the Lords of Doom were born, along with the eventual Sanction Valley.


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