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Lord Hengriff (? AC - Spring, 426 AC) was a Nerakan Knight of the Lily that served for awhile in Qualinesti, and served as an emissary to Khur. He was tall, powerfully built, clean shaven, with dark skin, a voice that bellowed like a bull even when calm, had obsidian eyes, bulky sized, and had obsidian eyes. From his many years in politics, he became extremely crafty

Birth? AC
DeathSpring, 426 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorBlack
WeightVery Heavy
ClassLily Knight
OccupationEmissary to Khur

Dark Knighthood

Lord Hengriff joined the Dark Knighthood sometime prior to the War of Souls. He was the second-in-command to Vytrad Redlance, and Lord Egil Liveskill tasked them to seek out the Lioness and kill her. There were ninety-nine Knights that sought her out, an three times in the years they crossed blades with her and her rebels. On the third battle, the rebels attacked and killed almost all the Dark Knights. Hengriff led a dozen or so of the Dark Knight command in retreat, leaving their surrounded leader Vytrad to die. During the escape, Hengriff killed four of the Lioness' best warriors, and she allowed them to escape.

For displeasing Morham Targonne, the Lord of the Night, he was banished to Khur to serve as the Knighthood's emissary to Khur. When Baltasar Rennold rose to power as Lord of the Night, Hengriff did not like this. They did not get along, because Baltasar held Hengriff accountable for the failures of both Egil Liveskill and Vytrad Redlance. Hengriff was tasked by the Lord of the Night with three things: annexation of Khur, final destruction of elven power, and seizure of any remaining elven treasure.

By 426 AC, his tasks were in full swing, bribing many of the Khurish people in Khuri-Khan to hate the elves. One who took his coin was Minok, the High Priest of the Temple of Torghan in Khuri-Khan. He would have the High Priest lead his fanatics, the Sons of the Crimson Vulture, against the elves. Hengriff hoped the elves and Khurs would go to war against each other, but this would eventually only lead to the crackdown upon the Torghanists. He would also make secret deals with Prince Shobbat, but this would eventually backfire on him.

Another incident happened when Hengriff and his men were riding towards Faeterus's home in Khuri-Khan. Hengriff saw a Sand Beast attacking an elf named Hytanthas Ambrodel. Hengriff came with his men, and attacked the Sand Beast. They would be victorious, and Hengriff allowed Hytanthas to leave.

Hengriff met with Sahim Zacca-Khur, the Great Khan of Khur one day. He had not received any word from his commands back in Neraka about an issue, and was going to make a ploy with ones he had forged. While beginning to read the orders, Prince Shobbat barged in and accused Hengriff of being a traitor, a double cross. Hengriff attacked him, and slashed the prince with his dagger knocking him to the ground. As Hengriff stood over the prince, he was stabbed in the back by a guard.

Before Hengriff could react, he was stabbed nine more times from nine more guards, but this did not kill him. He fought, and fought hard, teaching the Khur guards how a Knight of Neraka fought. He killed or maimed ten guards, even some of the reinforcements that came. Eventually, two guards came with pole arms and pinned him to the wall, and his lifeblood drained away. His body was taken to the square, and a placard was put on him to tell all that this was what became of traitors.


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