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Nearra (337 AC - ? AC) was a young sorceress who undid the Curse of Anselm, a curse that blocked her family from the Magic of the Gods. Known by her bright blue eyes and her long blond hair, this 18-year-old life had been filled with adventurers that were second to none. This young woman had lost her memories, been possessed by the evil sorceress Asvoria, fought Dragons, Demons, Goblins, and the Undead, and ventured to faraway places and other planes.

Nearra by Darcwulf.
EnlargeNearra by Darcwulf.
Birth337 AC
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBright Blue
OccupationYoung Adventurer

Early Life

Nearra grew up with her sister Jirah on their family's farm near Ravenscar. Her father, Eric, a simple woodcutter, was obsessed with breaking the family's curse and spent most of his time traveling, trying to find a way to reclaim the glory of his ancestors. When Eric and Jirah left to Palanthas to get information on breaking Anselm's curse, Nearra was left at home with her mother. This happened often until Nearra's mother became sick. Nearra had to take a job as a servant in the black wizard, Maddoc's house, to care for her mother. This would be both her family's hope and her personal damnation.

The black robe wizard, Maddoc, had plans for the young girl. Using his dark magic, he captured the soul of the long-dead sorceress of Asvoria and attached it to the soul of Nearra. The dark soul was attached and blocked the memories of Nearra's past. Now, all he needed to do was force the Emergence, a moment that when Nearra was scared enough, she would call upon the dark soul within her. Then he would have his knowledge of Asvoria's black magic and conquer the world with the long dead wizardress' help.

Temple of the Dragonslayer

Nearra woke up after the binding spell faced with the goblins set there by Maddoc to scare the girl into releasing Asvoria's spirt. Nearra ran away from the goblins Drefan, Gifre, and Fyren into a forest grove where she met the Green Dragon, Slean. Slean, also hired by Maddoc, frightened Nearra enough that she heard a woman's voice in her head. Maddoc the black wizard appeared dressed in robes of white, with his adopted son Davyn. They cast a "sleeping" spell on the dragon, pretending to have saved Nearra's life and escort her to the small village of Treveska. With subtle manipulations over the young girl with no memory of her past life, Maddoc offers Davyn to escort her to a woman who can bring her memory back.

Davyn followed Maddoc's evil plan but did not count on the plan backfiring. When meeting their "guide", a dark dwarf named Oddvar planted by Maddoc, they instead met up with Elidor, Catriona Goodlund, and Sindri Suncatcher. During the course of these events, these Young Adventurers made a pact to help the young girl get her memories back by traveling towards the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars, a place where true clerics had returned.

Davyn found himself torn between his adopted wizard father's plans and the feeling of friendship that started to develop. He started to be the part of Nearra's protector instead of pretending. When Maddoc sent the Ogre Ugo and his goblins to kidnap Nearra, Davyn jumped in to protect her. Nearra worried about the injured Davyn and it was there that Davyn decided to protect this woman from Maddoc's dark plans.

The Young Adventurers traveled to the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. They also met Clerics who tried to bring Nearra's memory back, but Maddoc's spell was much too strong. Nearra was frustrated but Davyn and the others were still dedicated to finding a way for her memory to return. Maddoc's plan was not over as the green dragon Slean was called to attack the temple and scare Nearra into releasing the dark soul she had captive.

Slean, the green dragon attacked the Temple and demanded they give her Nearra. The Young Adventurers all stood against Slean but were losing badly. Even with the help of their Copper Dragon friend Raedon, they were about to die. It was then that Nearra heard a voice inside her head that told her the location of Elethia's arrow. She snatched the arrow from inside a stone mosaic and stabbed the dragon in the tail. With the holy energies surging through the arrow, the dragon Slean fell dead. The temple had been saved and Nearra had managed to contain the evil inside her that she did not understand.

The Clerics of the temple found a scroll that told of powerful wizards that lived in the kingdom of Arngrim. They thought this might be the best chance to restore Nearra's memory. But Davyn knew this was just more of his father, Maddoc's, manipulations. Nearra was safe but Davyn swore that he would never let his father get his way against this girl that he had started to love. The Young Adventurers left the safety of the temple and started their path northwest to Arngrim.


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