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Great Sword of Drakmattha

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Great Sword of Drakmattha was a steel unholy Greatsword first owned by Ariakas, and then passed it onto his son Ariakan. Ariakas won the sword, when he traveled to Oberon's Tower and defeated the Ogre guard who owned it. He then used the sword to kill his love, the lady of the tower, at her request. This was all a test by Takhisis, and his reward was this greatsword.

The greatsword blade could change into blue, red, black, white, and green in coloring, with each color having a different power. The blue is for lightning, red for fire, white for ice, black for acid, and green for chlorine gas, the same as the Chromatic Dragon breath weapons. The blade began first white, then black, green, red, and blue in a continuous cycle.


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