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Lifescroll of Song

Article written by Ambro

The Lifescroll of Song is a compilation of folk Songs and ballads detailing the history of the Age of Dreams which much of the known history of the age comes from. The compilation was done by Quivalen Soth in later period. At some point a copy of the scroll was given to the Great Library of Palanthas. Astinus took the reliable parts and added them to the Iconochronos.

Kender Tales

An older source stated that a bard named Quevalin Soth compiled the scroll before 2500 PC and given to the Library of Palanthas. It is assumed Quevalin Soth is misspelling of Quivalen Soth. A later source stated that Quevalin compiled the scroll in a later period of time and not before 2500 PC and even later a copy was given to the library which is more correct since the library did not exist in 2500 PC.


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