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Slean (? – 353 AC), or Vennathernesis, was a Green Dragon that lived in during the late Fourth Age. She was a young Dragon that was large, a wide as a forest clearing. Slean had a wicked grin and intelligent slanted eyes that brought fear to those who saw them. Slean was a dragon that was obsessed with keeping her freedom after returning to Ansalon.

Death353 AC
RaceGreen Dragon
Eye Colorblack

Temple of the Dragonslayer

Slean had returned to Krynn and after serving the dark queen, Takhisis, was excited to be free amongst the skies once more. When the Black-Robed Wizard Maddoc came offering a freedom, guaranteeing her that he could give her something so she never would be banished from Krynn again, Slean accepted the offer excitedly.

She agreed to assist the wizard in his plans of scaring the young girl Nearra, forcing the Emergence to happen, and causing the sorceress Asavoria stuck inside of Nearra to emerge and Maddoc to gain the dark sorceress' secrets.

Slean harassed Nearra and the Young Adventurers, engaged in harassing combat and trying to frighten her into releasing Asavoria's spirit but the Adventurers kept interfering. The Young Adventurers carried Nearra to a place of healing called the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. Slean followed and attacked the temple, demanding the release of Nearra to her. The companions engaged in a battle with Slean, eventually using Elthia's arrow, an arrow blessed by the gods, to kill the green dragon in 353 AC.

The dragon Slean was too large to be moved so she was buried in the courtyard of the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. Where she was buried, no grass ever grew again.


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