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Raedon (? - ? AC) was a young Copper Dragon that sprang to prominence in the years after the War of the Lance. He was not a large Dragon, only a youngling. Raedon enjoyed playing tricks on caravans and other people nearby yet he was aware that humanity had not quite accepted dragons back fully so he made use of his shape-changing abilities quite often to avoid most of humanity. Raedon had a lair in the Vingaard Mountains, complete with a maze of tunnels to protect his horde.

Death? AC
RaceCopper Dragon
Eye ColorBrown

Temple of the Dragonslayer

A young girl named Nearra and the Young Adventurers were being chased by an Ogre and his Goblins. Nearra heard a voice in her head call out Raedon's true name and the Copper Dragon had to come. He blasted the Ogre with his slow breath and scared the goblin horde away. Raedon felt sorry for the companions and continued to escort them towards their destination, the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. He got them to Heaven's Pass, when he left to go check on his lair.

On the way back to his lair, he was attacked by a green dragon, Slean. Slean, who was working for Maddoc, warned Raedon to stay away from Nearra and her friends. Raedon said no and the green dragon attacked, hurting Raedon and knocking him out of the sky. Raedon was knocked from the sky and lost consciousness. It was a day later when he heard his true name again, bringing him back to consciousness. He raced to the temple glided and jumping to save Nearra and her companions.

Raedon arrived just in time to see the companions fighting the Green Dragon, Slean. Raedon jumped Slean from behind, buying the party enough time to retrieve the holy weapon, Elthia's arrow. Nearra stabbed Elthia's arrow into Slean, instantly killing Slean. Raedon and the companions had killed Slean. Raedon promised the little ones that he would continue to help them if they needed ever needed it.

Return of the Sorceress

In 354 AC, Nearra saw her friends fighting the dracolich, Frostclaw, in the bowels of Cairngorn Keep. She knew they didn't stand a chance against the undead white dragon so she called out to her dragon friend, Raedon, for assistance. Raedon heard her call and received two visions of where Nearra was. Raedon was confused about the two visions but traveled to a dense grove of dead trees.

Raedon then realized Nearra wasn't here. His second vision had been a trap. This part of the forest was filled with Asvoria's protectors, Death Spiders. Raedon fights through the spiders but is bit on the wing, and his wing instantly becomes paralyzed.

With a hurt wing, Raedon continues to try to jump and glide to Cairngorn Keep to save Nearra from the Emergence ceremony which is about to take place. He arrives but it was too late. Nearra had become the sorceress Asvoria. Davyn, a companion of Nearra, told Raedon to retrieve the Daystar from Asvoria and with Raedon's help, they did get the Daystar back. During the fight, Raedon's wing snapped, gliding back to the castle. He hit the side of the castle and was seriously hurt.

Raedon recovered with the help of an animal caretaker named Ayanti and once again took to the skies, ready to help his companions against the evil Asvoria.


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