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Jax (? AC - ? AC) was a Minotaur warrior-priest in the Fourth Age. He was 7 feet tall and covered with black, glossy fur. He wore a leather skirt and favored an axe given to him by his father. Jax was a strong believer in helping others and came to the aid of defending the priests in the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorUnknown
Height7 ft.

Early Life

Little is known about Jax's early life. He was born on the island of Kothas. His ancestors were priest of Sargonnas before the Cataclysm. When the gods left Krynn, Jax's family felt their god disgraced them and none from his family line entered the priesthood after that. When Jax came of age, his father gave him a strong minotaur weapon, an axe, and Jax left to explore Ansalon.

353 AC

Jax had his purse taken by a Kender named Sindri Suncatcher in the city of Tresvka. In his chase, he encountered Catriona Goodlund, Davyn, and Nearra. The companions escaped Jax by using Davyn's magic ring and left to find a guide. When Jax awoke, he was enraged. His honor was damaged and he left to rectify that. He quit his job guarding a caravan in order to chase the companions and restore his honor.

In his pursuit of his purse, Jax found Sindri and his companions being attacked by a Green Dragon, Slean. Jax helped fight off the young dragon without thinking about it. Sindri apologized for his purse being stolen and Jax agreed to help the young companions reach the Holy Order of the Stars.

Jax proved his worth twice more by fighting off an ambush of Goblins at Heaven's Pass and fighting Slean, the green dragon, again at the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. Although Slean was killed, Jax was hit by the dragon's chlorine breath. A priest healed Jax so he did not die, however, his voice became permanently damaged and raspy.

When the companions were leaving to fight the city-state of Arngrim, Jax decided to stay at the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. He would become a protector and follower of the god, Sargonnas.


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