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Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars

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The Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars was a holy site located on the Plains of Solamnia, about 30 miles north of Tresvka. As temples go, it was a rare site created so that the priests of all the Gods of Krynn can worship, whether they be good, neutral, or evil. The temple was built in the Age of Might and left abandoned for hundreds of years. After the War of the Lance and the return of the gods, a new generation of priests continued to find themselves led to this sacred place.

History in the Age of Might

During the Age of Might, a Cleric of Zivilyn named Elethia had a dream of all the Orders worshiping and working together. She worked with other clerics both good and neutral to construct this temple. For many years, the priests worked together and her strong personality kept the temple functioning. The clerics even faced an onslaught of the Dragon, Kiernan the Crimson, but Elethia and her sacred arrow killed the dragon and the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars survived. Yet, no one can live forever and once Elethia had passed into the Gray, infighting within the priests of the temple soon caused the priests to abandon the idea and the temple. As the priests were leaving, they placed a spell of protection around the walls and gate that would shock intruders who tried to invade this holy place.

History in the Age of Despair

In 353 AC, shortly after the War of the Lance, a group of young heroes set out from Tresvka to seek out true clerics to revive the lost memories of one of their companions, Nearra. Little did they realize, a Black Robed Wizard named Maddoc had bound a sorceress' spirit to Nearra, the true reason she remembered nothing. The companions found the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars and was admitted by three clerics who had felt the call to return to this abandoned site.

The clerics could not restore Nearra's mind but instead found themselves and the temple under attack by a Green Dragon known as Slean, an agent of the black wizard Maddoc. He wanted the girl. The clerics and Nearra's companions tried to defeat the dragon but were outmatched.

The young girl Nearra heard a voice calling her to the mosaic painting of the original founder, Elthia. The voice wanted her to grab the holy weapon used 700 years ago to defend against the dragon Kiernan. Nearra reached into the painting and retrieved Elthia's arrow, used it to kill Slean and save the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. Slean the dragon was too big to move, so they buried him in the courtyard. Grass never grew in that spot again.


The Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars is dome-shaped and constructed from large blocks of white stone. A courtyard sat inside the walls and was paved with multicolored tiled mosaics and filled with an assortment of amazing foliage. A circular wall 30 feet high ran around the outside of the main building. The only way to enter the building was a large iron gate set into one section of the wall. The gate was electrified and would admit those that the priest wanted and no other.

The temple had many rooms inside it as well of interest. It was home to an archive of literature dating back to before the Cataclysm. The archive was enchanted to preserve the works and books in it. Books removed out of the archive were instantly destroyed.

Another room of interest was its repository, a large room, with 16 recesses that are used as a display area. Display cases were carved into the walls and each one held an item on a column such as a small bell with a handle carved to resemble an armored warrior, a silver needle and a spool of golden thread, an eagle's claw encased in amber, a skull with runes carved into the bone, and many more. In the middle of the chamber stood a replica of a lone white arrow that was shaped to resemble Elethia's.

Locations inside the Temple

The Repository
The Archive
Chamber of the Sky


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