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Ugo (? AC - 353 AC) was a large Ogre that worked for the dark Wizard, Maddoc. He was always very hungry and not very intelligent. Ugo hated the taste of Kender and his speech was broken. Ugo's weapon of choice was a bleached bone club.

Birth? AC
Death353 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown

In agreement with Maddoc, Ugo's job was to capture the young girl, Nearra, alive and kill her companions. In his fight with the Young Adventurers, Nearra called upon the Dragon, Raedon, to help them. The young Bronze Dragon came and hit Ugo with his breath called the Slow Mist, saving the adventurers. Nearra had escaped. Ugo was angered that his job escaped and found them again later in the tunnels of the Underfell.

In the tunnels of the Underfell, Ugo could barely fit through the door and was instructed by Oddvar, Maddoc's dark dwarf servant, to crawl through the doorways. Ugo stood guard as Oddvar and his Goblins went to get Nearra. Nearra and her companions made an escape and headed right to the entrance, right to Ugo. Ugo chased them and the companions got through the main entrance to the Underfell. Ugo on the other hand forgot to duck and became stuck. With the tauntings of the kender, Sindri Suncatcher, became too much, Ugo used his great strength to bash the columned doorway, bringing down the ceiling on his head. Ugo was crushed to death and the Young Adventurers got away safely.


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