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Icons of Symeon

Article written by Ambro

The Icons of Symeon were magical Artifacts that were kept in the Great Temple in the Lordcity of Istar. Prior to the Cataclysm, the Kender Ferret Snitchwhistle stole them from the temple and he was cursed until he returned them.

There are five total and are five inch square precious metal disks. The disks are a half inch think and have an engraving of a Metallic Dragon matching its metal on them. Each has a hole in it so it can be worn as a necklace. When all five are brought together they can be used to atone for misdeeds. The brass icon had a Brass Dragon on it and would magically increase a wearer's speed. A Bronze Dragon was on the bronze icon and would magically enhance a wearer's wisdom. The copper icon had a Copper Dragon on it and would make the wearer more charismatic. The silver icon had a Silver Dragon on it and would allow the wearer to magically change their appearance. A Gold Dragon was on the gold icon and would make the wearer luckier.


  • Dragon Magazine Issue 351 p. 36-41

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