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Faceless Brethren

Article written by Uziel

The Faceless Brethren were a dark cult who worshipped the ancient archmage Maladar an-Desh, former Emperor of Aurim. They believed that the continent of Taladas was dying and had been ruined following the destruction of the Aurim Empire. The only method of saving the continent was by orchestrating the return of Maladar, who would resurrect Aurim and bring peace to the land.

The Brethren were formed by The Master on the isle of Suluk and all of the members hailed from the Rainward Isles. They migrated to Neron, where they established their headquarters in the Temple of Akh-tazi and the Yaggol became their willing servants. The six members of the Brethren performed horrific disfigurement on themselves, shaving away their flesh so that their faces resembled grinning skulls. They preserved themselves through magic whilst they carved away the flesh from their bones.

The Faceless Brethren long sought the Hooded One to engineer Maladar's return, but found themselves thwarted several times when trying to recover the statue. In 424 AC, they warped the Marak Kender into Shadow-Fiends and sent their servants into the Imperial League only to find the statue had been taken from Blood Eye Tower. Believing the statue to still be in the Imperial League, they then organised an earthquake to shatter the city of Kristophan and sent The Teacher to the Uigan to convince the people of Northern Hosk to raise an army against the League.

As The Teacher continued to whisper in the Boyla of the Uigan's ear, The Slayer was sent forth with the shadow-fiends to directly track the Hooded One. The Slayer led the attack on Armach-nesti, beheading the Voice of the Stars and killing most of the Silvanaes Elves. However with the Moon-Thief Shedara calling on the magic of the Hooded One, the Slayer was immediately drawn to Coldhope Keep, where he finally claimed the statue.

The Faceless Brethren fully awakened the spirit of Maladar, and enabled their master to claim a body to venture forth into the world in, however ultimately all the remaining members were killed by Barreth Forlo and his companions in the Temple of Akh-tazi.


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