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Hitehkel is a roiling sea of fire and lava that resides in the very centre of the continent of Taladas. Oftentimes known as the Burning Sea, Hitehkel is a giant depression in the earth that is bordered by towering mountains on all sides. The Burning Sea was once the location of the great city of Aurim, jewel of the Aurim Empire, that was wiped out during the Great Destruction.

Whilst the Gnomes of Taladas live in the mountains around the fringes of Hitehkel, and even travel across the Burning Sea in their great ships, the realm is truly only home to the Fire Minions and other creatures of fire, that are the servants of Hiteh.

The region of Hitehkel is oft considered to be split into three major regions. The outermost ring around the lava are the mountains themselves, known as the Spire Mountains, or simply as the Spires. This is where the Minoi and Gnomoi make their homes. The inner ring is known as the Cooling Land, and is a hardened crust that encircles the outermost parts of the lava, and resembles something of a smooth plain. Volcanic geysers and fiery cracks are dotted throughout the plain, making travel across it extremely treacherous.

The innermost part of Hitehkel is the Great Lava Sea, which is the home of denizens of fire, and a roiling sea of lava and fire. Monstrous geysers are dotted throughout, as are fiery whirlpools and a turbulent mass of molten rock.

At the very centre of the Great Lava Sea, is the sole structure in the entire region (other than the gnomish cities in the mountains), Chaldar, the Tower of Flame. It was at this site, that Maladar an-Desh attempted to resurrect the lost city of Aurim from the depths of the Great Lava Sea in 425 AC. The city did arise from the depths of Hitehkel through his powerful magic, only to be sundered once more with the magic-user's demise.

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