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Old Aurim

Article written by Uziel

NationOld Aurim
Largest CityUnknown
Founded1 AC
LanguagesHobgoblin, Aurim
RulerGreat Chief of the Hobgoblins

Old Aurim is the name of the vast dust choked plains that lie eastwards of Northern Hosk and Hitehkel, and northwards of Neron. The land is covered by ash and lava, a shameful remnant of the former Aurim Empire that was sundered by the Great Destruction.

The lava and black rains poured down on the region following the Great Destruction, whilst disease and plague breakouts occurred amongst the survivors. The wise fled their former empire for other lands, some journeying to Southern Hosk to found Thenol and the city of Kristophan, whilst others fled to the Rainward Isles. Those who remained died out within a few short decades.

Eventually the Hobgoblins moved into the area, to loot the ghost towns and cities, and lay claim to their new realm. The hobgoblins grew to dominate the entire region and became the new masters. However the hobgoblins are not alone. When Erestem was planning on building her Dragonarmies for her invasion of Ansalon, she started conducting experiments and chose Old Aurim as her testing ground. It was here that she developed the first Draconians, but the Traag Draconians were viewed as failed experiments and left behind by the goddess. However the traag have thrived in the realm of Old Aurim and grown considerably in numbers to begin to rival the hobgoblins.

Throughout Old Aurim the ruins of the Aurim Empire remain, and many ancient treasures and riches can be found by the wily explorer or adventurer, however the inhabitants of the realm are also watchful and guard their treasures carefully.

Cities of Old Aurim


Ruins of Old Aurim

Sha Moku
Tomb of the Great King

Geographical Features

The Dourlands


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