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Shining Lands

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The Shining Lands are a series of fields located in the central western part of the Ring Mountains of Northern Hosk. The Shining Lands were created during the Great Destruction when faults in the earth opened up and spewed forth magma, which then ran both into the northern remains of the Indanalis Sea, and also in the deserts which originally surrounded the Aurim Empire. The water was boiled away, however the rapidly cooled magma was turned into a opaque surface like glass. Set around the glass are basalt cones that are encircled by black sands, which were the original sands of the deserts around the Aurim Empire that were blackened and hardened.

The fine sands blow across the glassy surface of the fields, polishing them to a smooth sheen. The same sands are razor sharp and able to strip the exposed flesh from a human in mere moments. Underground tunnels are spread out like a hive beneath the surface, which were also created by the spread of lava during the Great Destruction.

Whilst a harsh place to live in, the Shining Lands are inhabited. They are primarily home to the Glass Sailors, and are also home to the Skrit and the Horax.

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