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NicknameToothed Hills
Settlement TypeCity
CountryHoly Empire of Istar
ProvinceIstar Province
Foundedca. 2550 PC

Chidell was a city located in the Istar Province of the Holy Empire of Istar, and was given the nickname of Toothed Hills for its white buildings. It was located southeast of Odacera and west of Kautilya on the Istaran Plains and Lake Istar. This was the oldest city in the region, even older than the Lordcity of Istar. People from the city were called Chidelli.

Most of the buildings were square, all white with alabaster roofs, and looked very similar in construction except for the temples and some inns. The people had learned their construction from Ogres long ago, and clung to this style by having no plazas, gardens, colonnades, or statuary. With the city sitting on the Lake of Istar, it was well known for its thick mists year round. The city was destroyed when the Fiery Mountain was thrown upon Istar, and the city was instantly engulfed in steam killing the people there, while fires destroyed the rest of the city.

Districts of Chidell

Old City (Chidell)

Buildings of Chidell

Market of Dye-Makers
North Gate (Chidell)
Vanished Wall


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