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Giant Eagles

Article written by Ambro

Giant Eagles are what their name implies, giant versions of eagles. They are intelligent and speak the Common Language and Auran Language. It is possible to train giant eagles, but only when the person raises it from an egg. Once they are raised they are extremely loyal. A wild giant eagle may be convinced to serve a person they like, but if the Creature has a mate it will not agree to leave them or any offspring.

NameGiant Eagle
TypeMagical Beast
LandsAny Mountains


A few tribes in Khur every fifth spring will practice a ceremony involving giant eagles. In Earth Wakes, each participating tribe will send two Warriors to the cliffs where giant eagles live. There they fast from the new moon to the full moon. Lunitari was used when in the times when there were three moons. Once there is a full moon they climb the cliffs to the highest nest and try to steal an egg. They are forbidden to harm any giant eagle and so most do not return alive. The ones that do are given the opportunity to train the chick when it hatches.


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