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The Goblins of Ansalon are little, thin humanoids, standing no more than three and half feet in height. Their skin tones vary greatly. They have flat faces and dark, stringy hair. They have dull red or yellow eyes. They are very quick and have sharp teeth. Goblins dress in leathers made from animal hide or scavenged clothing, and speak the Goblin Language.

Size3.5 ft.
Coloring Various
RelationsCave Lords
LandsSikk'et Hul
Taman Busuk

Goblins respect and cherish those who have power and are strong. They are ambitious, seeking power for themselves but most never attain it. When in large groups they tend to fall prey to mob mentality and in some cases, operate like a wolf pack. Goblins back a strong leader and will follow their lead. A lone goblin may appear weak and vulnerable but typically they are confident and sure of themselves.

Goblins live in tribes when their larger cousins, Bugbears and Hobgoblins, are not dominating them. Leaders, called Rukras, lead either through trickery or strength. Though nasty and callous, they have the best interests of their people in their hearts.

Goblins, by and large, are nomadic in nature. Too combat being enslaved, they took up the nomadic lifestyle and do not stay in one place for too long. Whether they live above or below the ground, Goblins are nasty creatures and live in filthy communities. The exception is the goblins of Sikk'et Hul, who mimic the lifestyle of nearby humans.

Goblins are simple beings but are led by their cultural imperatives to fight, kill and do what the larger, meaner goblins tell them to do. They are numerous and are spread across the interior of Ansalon, from the far north to the colds of Icereach. They continually struggle against the other races to survive.
Throughout their history the goblins tended to worship Usk-Do (Hiddukel) and Mwarg (Takhisis). For the most part the goblins see themselves as the Godless Folk, since the gods having never really done anything for their race.
Usk-Do has tried to change this and has tremendous influences over various tribes. Twice has the god sent champions in Two-Faced Grom and Ankhar, in the end however both failed and died.


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