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Leciane do Cirica

Article written by Ambro & Darcwulf

Leciane do Cirica (circa 59 PC19 PC) was a female Human Red Robe Wizard. She had black hair and green eyes. When she was older she had lines around her mouth and eyes and her hair had highlights of silver. Leciane also had dusky skin.

Leciane do Cirica by Darcwulf.
EnlargeLeciane do Cirica by Darcwulf.
NameLeciane do Cirica
BirthCirca 59 PC
Death19 PC
Hair ColorBlack with silver
Eye ColorGreen
OccupationMaster of the Tower of Istar,
Envoy to the Kingpriest

Early Life

Leciane was the child of two wizards: Astarin do Cirica and Kendris do Cirica. A year after her parents were married Leciane was born. Within the next year her parents died suddenly. The Orders of High Sorcery raised Leciane in the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth. Her father's teacher, Orthan da Sambrill took care of her and became her mentor until he died. She then became the apprentices of Vincil da Jevra.


Over time Vincil and Leciane fell in love even though the conclave forbade relationships between student and teacher. They kept it secret for years. Around 30 PC, it was time for Leciane to take her Test of High Sorcery. Vincil sent her to the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum so he could not show her favoritism. She took the test and passed but like many emerged with a horrible mark. She was made barren. Leciane broke off her relationship with Vincil and embraced the art in Losarcum.

Around the year of 28 PC, Leciane helped administrate the Test of High Sorcery for Andras Rannoch in the tower at Daltigoth.


After her time in Losarcum, Leciane started representing the Orders of High Sorcery in various governments. She spent two years as envoy to the elder of Xak Tsaroth and then three years with the Merchant-Princes of Tarsis.


In 21 PC, Leciane was chosen by the Conclave, now led by Vincil, to replace Marwort as Master of the Tower of Istar and as envoy to the Kingpriest's court. This was met with much controversy in Istar. The Knight of the Divine Hammer, Cathan MarSevrin, was assigned to protect Leciane and eventually they began to fall in love.

The Kingpriest court went to Lattakay. There was a large tournament there that the court attended. At the end of the tournament the crowd was attacked by swarms of quasitos. Leciane helped find out that Andras was the creatures' master. After the knights captured Andras, Leciane helped the conclave magically swipe him so they could punish him. Unfortunately, Andras escaped with the help of Fistandantilus. This greatly stressed the relationship between the empire and the conclave. After this her relationship fell apart with Cathan and she resumed her role as Vincil's lover even though she still cared for Cathan.

Vincil and the Kingpriest met at Eusymmeas Fountain in Istar to talk peace. Beldinas wanted to have all Black Robes removed from all the Towers of High Sorcery except the one at Wayreth. Before Vincil could discuss this further, a magical duplicate in the form of the Cleric Suvin controlled by the Andras Rannoch stabbed the Kingpriest. Many died in the battle including the Highmage Vincil da Jevra and so the Lost Battles began.

Lost Battles

Leciane went to the tower in Losarcum to help the wizards there prepare. It greatly upset her to have to destroy so many magical items. Eventually the Kingpriest sent an army to destroy the tower in Losarcum. Cathan was leading it and so the Master of the Tower of Losarcum Khadar asked Leciane to go to him and try to persuade him not to attack.

Although conflicted, Cathan led the attack on the tower. During the attack Leciane decided not to sacrifice herself with the other wizards in destroying the tower. She went looking for Cathan and found him sad over what was going to happen. A crossbow bolt shot hit Leciane in the back as she teleported Cathan, his friend Tithian, and herself away from the tower to what should have been safety. She died shortly after. Cathan entombed her in the ruins of the city.


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