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Whitestone Council

Article written by Kranar Drogin

There has been two organized Whitestone Councils or Council of Whitestone. The original Whitestone Council was formed during the War of the Lance, and it reformed following the War of Souls as the New Whitestone Council. This is an organized group of the remaining free realms during a time of war when evil is pushing for conquest of Ansalon. They met on the Isle of Sancrist at the Whitestone Glade around the Whitestone, and the Knights of Solamnia lead the Council.

When the Council was set up at the Glade, ornate wooden chairs were put in place for the members. Five were place to the left of the Whitestone for the voting members, and five chairs for the non-voting members to the right of the stone. Witnesses are demanded by the Measure to attend, and they sit in front of the council members.

First Formation

The Knights of Solamnia formed the Whitestone Council between the remaining free realms of Ansalon. The council was first formed with five voting members, or the Whitestone Council Proper, and three advisory members, or Allied Councilors. The first meeting was in 351 AC with the members not reaching an agreement. They met again early in 352 AC with the founding of a Dragon Orb. During this meeting, it seemed as if the members were ready to go to war with each other over the orb. A kender, Tasslehoff, was fed up with the fighting, and was able to get around to the orb and smash it on the Whitestone. Just as the members were about to tear into Tas, Theros Ironfeld wearing the Silver Arm of Ergoth stopped the arguments when he threw a Dragonlance at the Whitestone, splintering it.

This brought hope back, and the members agreed to work together to stop the Dragonarmies. They formed the Whitestone Army and drove back the forces of evil. Eventually they would go on to win the war, and drove the Dragonarmies back east and to other small pockets by 353 AC.


Whitestone Council Proper:
Knights of Solamnia - Gunthar Uth Wistan
Mount Nevermind - Gnosh III
Neidar Dwarves - Duncan Hammerrock
Empire of Ergoth - Mir Kar-Thon
Sancrist - Serdin MarThasal

Allied Councilors:
- Qualinesti - Porthios Kanan (351 AC), Solostaran Kanan (352 AC)
- Silvanesti - Alhana Starbreeze (351 AC), Quinath (352 AC)
Thorbardin - Arman Kharas (351 AC), None (352 AC)
Kender - Kronin Thistleknot (351 AC), Tasslehoff Burrfoot (352 AC)

New Whitestone Council

During the War of Souls, the Whitestone Council was reformed again under the name the New Whitestone Council. Goddard Tasgall, a Knight of the Rose, led the Council, and the second-in-command was the Vice Chairman Bakkard du Chagne until his death in 429 AC. Other changes are unknown, but it is still a leading organization of the free realms.


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