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High Clerist

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Ambro

The High Clerist or called the Lord High Clerist is one of the three High Knight positions in the Knights of Solamnia. This knight heads up the Order of the Sword, and is always from the Order of Clerists. There can be no High Clerist if there are no Clerists from which to elect him. Those who are of the Order, elect the position of High Clerist with not influence from the other two Orders. They meet with as many Sword Knights as can gather at Whitestone Glade on Sancrist, and they form the Circle of the Sword and elect the new High Clerist from the three highest vote getters.

He is the only person that can use representations of the Gods on his heraldic crest design. Depending who he receives his clerical powers from depends on the design, either Paladine's silver triangle or Kiri-Jolith's bison horns. He also will command roughly 48,000 men when the army is at full strength, and command from the High Clerist's Tower.

In the time after the Chaos War, it was agreed upon to disband the Order of Clerists since the gods had left Krynn. Before it would be announced, news came to them of Goldmoon's Power of the heart healing. The High Clerist quickly sent knights to learn this new healing, and the Order would stay operational. Following the War of Souls, the High Clerist would order all Clerist Knights to worship Kiri-Jolith, which all did.

Past High Clerists

Sularis (? PC - 172 PC) was a High Clerist that became the next Kingpriest following the death of Hysolar.

Yarus Donner (? PC - 0 PC) opposed some of the policies during the time of Kingpriest Beldinas. He would be killed during the Cataclysm.

Cataclysm (1 AC358 AC), with the loss of clerics there was no one to take this position other than in name possible.

? (358 AC - ? AC) was the first knight following the Cataclysm and War of the Lance that became the High Clerist of the Order of the Sword.

Meredith Turningdale (> 392 AC <) was the High Clerist when Gunthar Uth Wistan died.

Alexei Whyndam (? AC - ? AC) along with Grand Master Liam Ehrling, sent Clerists to the Citadel of Light to learn the Power of the heart under Goldmoon.

Current High Clerist

Gabriel Jhent (? AC – current) declared all his fellow clerics of the Knighthood that they must rededicate themselves to Kiri-Jolith. All of the knights agreed, and did so.


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