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Symeon III

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Darcwulf

Symeon III by Darcwulf.
EnlargeSymeon III by Darcwulf.
NameSymeon III
Birth? PC
Death48 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationKingpriest of Istar
PredecessorArdosean IV
SuccessorSymeon IV

Symeon III (? PC - 48 PC) became the next Kingpriest of Istar following the abdication of Ardosean IV in the winter of 99 PC. He took over where Ardosean left off with the Three-Thrones War. Theorllyn III attacked the city of Istar in 98 PC, but this attack was thwarted. Theorllyn was defeated and imprisoned by Symeon, and so the Empire was reunited under one Kingpriest rather than fractured under three.

So began what was termed the Long Reign Symeon III ruled for almost fifty years, which ushered in a new peace for the Empire. During this time, Goblins and Ogres were exterminated from all places in the Empire. In 48 PC though, Symeon passed away and his successor Symeon IV took over a realm that began to show signs of strife.


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