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AliasMarwort the Illustrious
Birth? PC
Death21 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationMaster of the Tower of Istar,
Envoy to the Kingpriest
SuccessorLeciane do Cirica

Marwort (? – 21 PC) was a male White Robe Wizard. He was the Master of the Tower of Istar and the envoy for the Wizards of High Sorcery in the Kingpriest's court. Marwort was also called Marwort the Illustrious and sometimes the Kingpriest's pet wizard.

He wrote "A Treatise on Time Journeying Dealing Specifically with the Unacceptability of Permitting Any Member of the Graygem Races to Journey Back in Time Due to the Unpredictability of Their Actions and How This Might Affect Not Only the Past but the Future." Although it was believed by many that the Kingpriest guided his hand when he wrote about Magic.


Around 61 PC, Marwort was given mastery of the tower of Istar and the place of envoy for the Kingpriest. In 40 PC, Marwort withdrew the support of the Orders of High Sorcery from Kingpriest Kurnos to support Beldinas Pilofiro. Beldinas later became Kingpriest and over the years Marwort would often side with the Kingpriest over the Conclave. He became hated by Black Robes and disliked by Red Robes and this led Marwort to be viewed as a traitor for hundreds of years after.

In 35 PC, Beldinas lifted the obscuring spells on the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum. Beldinas wanted the Black Robes of the tower to leave the city. Marwort brokered a deal. The deal made a Red Robe the Master of the Tower of Losarcum and a Black Robe the Master of the Tower of Daltigoth. This arrangement prevented a confrontation from happening.

In 21 PC, Marwort died in his sleep when a blood vessel burst in his brain. His body was entombed below the tower in Istar. After his death, the Conclave argued over who should take his place. A compromise was reached and a red robe was chosen by the name of Leciane do Cirica.

Kender Tale

One source spelled Marwort name as Mawort. Also, another source said he died in 19 PC, but Cathan MarSevrin was notified of his death in late 21 PC.


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