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Birth? PC
DeathCirca 2550 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationWhite Robe

Asanta (? – circa 2550 PC) was a female White Robe Wizard. She was also a seer and could see visions of the future including the future of a small fishing town known as Istar.


After the Wizards of High Sorcery erected the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth, Highmage Kharro set out wizards to find locations for other towers. The white robes lead by Asanta decided on the small fishing village of Istar. Kharro was furious and had Asanta return to the tower at Wayreth. Asanta explained to her leader that she had a vision of how great Istar would become and strong in the Gods of Good. She was then allowed to continue with preparing to erect the tower in Istar.

Forty years later, Asanta led the spell to erect the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar. The night after the spell was cast, Asanta died in her sleep never knowing the fate that would befall Istar.


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