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Pheragas (Age of Might)

Article written by Ambro & Darcwulf

Pheragas (? – 0 PC or 39 AC) was a male Ergothian. He had dark skin and it was covered in scars. Pheragas kept his head shaved.

Pheragas by Darcwulf.
EnlargePheragas by Darcwulf.
Birth? PC
Death0 PC or 39 AC
Hair ColorNone
Eye ColorUnknown
ClassFighter/ Mariner

Early Life

Pheragas was born in Gwyndamon in the Empire of Ergoth. He followed his father and grandfather's lead and became a sailor. He inherited his family ship called the Blue Raptor.


While in the city of Istar Pheragas got into a brawl and almost killed his first mate. The Knights of the Divine Hammer arrested him. They then searched the Blue Raptor and found a secret stash of Falthanan Dreamleaf. Pheragas was then sold into slavery for smuggling, and Arack Rockbreaker bought him.

After seven years of being a gladiator, Pheragas became very popular. Arack tried to cast him as a villain but the crowd liked him so much that he became a hero of the games instead. His fans would wear blue and black to support him. Pheragas was often allied with Kiiri the Sirine.


At some point the Wizard Fistandantilus bought Pheragas. During the Cataclysm, Pheragas defeated the Red Minotaur and then made his way to Fistandantilus even though he hated the man. Together with Denubis they then traveled to the future.

Dwarfgate War

They arrived in 39 AC to participate in the Dwarfgate War. They made an army and Pheragas was the general under Fistandantilus. During the war Pheragas was killed fighting the Dewar Dwarves of Thorbardin. After he died the army crumbled.

Legend of the Twins

History was changed when Caramon Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot went back in time and encountered Pheragas. Pheragas and Kiiri helped train Caramon and turned him from a drunk into a gladiator. In this changed history, Pheragas was killed in a fight by the poison on the Red Minotaur's weapon. Caramon then took his place in history.


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