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High Justice

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Ambro

The position of High Justice or Lord High Justice is second only to the Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia, and serves as the head of the Knights of the Rose. This position is gained through the nomination in the Order of the Rose. According to the Measure, they may only select one member to serve as the High Justice, and only in extreme cases can someone from another order serve in the position, such as Sir Alfred did prior to the War of the Lance. At full strength, this position would have command of six quadrons, which would be 48,000 men. The High Justice also has the knowledge how to stay in contact with the Silver Dragons that were living on Sancrist Isle, which is a small silver bell that needs to be rang that no human can hear ring.

The High Justice will wear judicial robes of black over his knightly armor, and should always be present at a Knight's funeral. The High Justice is based at the Hall of High Justice in the Old City of Palanthas.

Past High Justices

Myceal (? PC - ? PC) was the High Justice that knighted Berthel Brightblade.

Oswal of Baxtrey (? PC - 1018 PC) was a High Justice before he became a Grand Master.

Adam Caladen (>{4 PC} - 1 PC) was the High Justice during the time of Loren Soth's trial, and is unknown how long he held the position.

Alfred MarKenin (> 344 AC - 352 AC) was promoted to the position of High Justice during a time when no other Rose Knights were available for promotion. He served until his death at the High Clerist's Tower.

Liam Ehrling (> - 392 AC) was High Justice before he bacame Grand Master.

Current High Justice

Goddard Tasgall (> 421 AC - 427 AC) was the High Justice who is the acting Grand Master since 427 AC. It is unknown when he became the High Justice, or if he became the next elected Grand Master.

Kender Tales

Oswal of Baxtrey was said to be High Warrior, but since he was a Rose Knight he must have been a High Justice.


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