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Ardosean I

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Darcwulf

Ardosean I by Darcwulf.
EnlargeArdosean I by Darcwulf.
NameArdosean I
Birth? PC
Death186 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationKingpriest of Istar
1st PredecessorTheorollyn II
1st SuccessorArdosean II
2nd PredecessorArdosean II
2nd SuccessorArdosean III

Ardosean I (? PC - 186 PC) was a former Kingpriest of Istar who had the privilege of serving twice as Kingpriest. He deposed Theorollyn II in 216 PC, and was crowned the successor. Theorollyn would go to Losarcum to establish a rival church. The Great Temple was finally completed during his reign in 212 PC. In 198 PC, Ardosean I ordered that all temples of the gods of evil be closed, and all of their clerics executed. Once this was completed, he abdicated from being Kingpriest, and allowed for Ardosean II to take power.

In 189 PC, Ardosean II died very suddenly, and the title of Kingpriest came back to a very old Ardosean I. He would rule for two more years before passing away, and the rule of Istar would fall on Ardosean III. One thing that Ardosean I claimed on his death bed, was just before he died, Paladine came to him to assist him in his death.


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