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Theorollyn II

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Darcwulf

Theorollyn II by Darcwulf.
EnlargeTheorollyn II by Darcwulf.
NameTheorollyn II
Birth? PC
Death192 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationKingpriest of Istar
PredecessorTheorollyn I
SuccessorArdosean I

Theorollyn II (? PC - 192 PC) was a gladiator before he decided to join the priesthood. He was also a former Kingpriest of Istar, and followed the reign of Theorollyn I in 220 PC. During his rule, the Great Temple was being built, but he would never get to see it built. He was removed from being Kingpriest in 216 PC after it was found out that he was involved with his predecessor's assassination. He fled to Losarcum and established a church, still proclaiming to be the true Kingpriest. He lived out his life in the city, but after his death his church joined back with the Kingpriest in Istar.


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