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40 PC

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Centuries2nd century PC - 1st century PC - 1st century AC
Decades60s PC - 50s PC - 40s PC - 30s PC - 20s PC
Years42 PC - 41 PC - 40 PC - 39 PC - 38 PC

40 PC stands for the fortieth year before the Cataclysm in the Age of Might. This date is also called 923 IA Istaran Age by those of the Holy Empire of Istar.


  • Kurnos became the next Kingpriest following the death of Symeon IV.
  • Reverened Daughter Ilista searched for, and found Beldyn.
  • Beldyn recovered the Miceram in the catacombs beneath Govinna.
  • Beldyn overthrew Kurnos as Kingpriest, and took the name Beldinas Pilofiro.
  • The Order of the Divine Hammer was established, and Cathan MarSevrin became the first knight.
  • Neutral churches were declared evil by Beldinas, and the Knights of the Divine Hammer began to destroy neutral churches and shrines along with evil.


None Known.


Symeon IV


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