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Panak Desert

Article written by Uziel

The Panak Desert is a monstrous icy wasteland that stretches across much of the northern landscape of Northern Hosk. It is inhabited by the Ice People, various hardy creatures and little else. The region is blasted by arctic winds most of the time, but does have a brief respite for short periods, when summer winds blow across the Panak.

NationPanak Desert
Largest CityKitaglu
LanguagesPanak Language

The wasteland is split into two primary sections, Upper Panak and Lower Panak. Lower Panak has the Tamire on its western side, the Ring Mountains to the southeast, and is separated from Upper Panak by the Great Escarpment. Upper Panak is framed by the Guurlamskas to the north, and the Ring Mountains to the south. The furthest eastern point of Upper Panak is separated from the Black Forests by a small divide of water.

Lower Panak is a large plain that eventually blends into the grasslands of the Tamire, and is filled with small sandstone hills. Canyons and small caves have been created over time, following a millenia of flash floods and harsh winds. Following the buildup of water, sand bogs and small bodies of water dot the western part of Lower Panak. The animals of Lower Panak range from bactrian camels, ponies, winter wolves, moose and even the occasional Steppe-tiger or Tylor.

Upper Panak is similarly a broad sloping plain, however it is predominantly covered in frost, particularly in the northern reaches of the area. Plant life is rare, but there is some evergreen scrub in the southern parts, which form a thick mat of sorts. Arctic moss and small flowers can be seen throughout the Panak, and even tiny berries exist if a hunter knows where to look. The animals of Upper Panak are much fiercer than those of Lower Panak. Whilst there are more harmless creatures like the Nasif or the shaggy musk oxen, there are more dangerous beasts also, such as polar bears, Remorhaz, ice bears and White Dragons.

Cities of the Panak Desert


Geographical Features

Great Escarpment
The Hoarspines


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