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Temple of Hith (Hawkbluff)

Article written by Uziel

The Temple of Hith was located in Hawkbluff and was the true power base of the nation of Thenol, and the residence of the Bishop of Hith. It was set amidst a series of dark corridors that had carvings of demons and skeletons and opened out into the Great Fane.

The Great Fane formed the centre of the temple and was sealed by a fifteen foot tall door of black stone that had garnets set into it to resemble a skeletal hand. The door led into a vast cavern lit by braziers which held the remains of human sacrifices to Hith. Piles of bones and skulls lay in all parts of the cavern, forming columns and large pyramids. At the further point of the cavern was a vast altar, built entirely from bones and stained with the blood of the many sacrifices that were killed there.

The temple was used by the priests of Hith, both as a residence and place of worship, until it was destroyed in 424 AC.


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