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Gorathian (? - ? AC) was a Fire Dragon who lived in Thorbardin underneath the New Council Hall. Prior to the War of Souls and Stonesinger's Rebellion the dragon lay sleeping in a lava tube below the New Council Hall. An underground earthquake woke the dragon briefly and Tarn Bellowgranite discovered it. Following the rebellion the New Council Hall was bricked over and reports of the dragon were dismissed as propaganda from the Failed King.

Death? AC
RaceFire Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

The dragon slept under the hall trapped by the Theiwar mage Willim the Black. How Willim the Black trapped the dragon was unknown but the dragon has become affectionate of the mage. The dragon serves the mage as a powerful servant. Its body radiates light and heat and its tendrils often smoke. It has developed a taste for elven flesh and despises gully dwarves as food.


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